Are CEOs That Talented or Just Lucky? 

The New York Times
February 7, 2015

In a story regarding the "CEO divorce" that was precipitated by the divorce of oil billionaire Harold G. Hamm from Sue Ann Arnall, the New York Times interviewed Jeff Fisher about a case he litigated involving similar issues and wrote: "In the... divorce of the Chicago taxi magnate David Markin and Susan Markin, filed in Palm Beach, Fla., Mr. Markin claimed he was 'merely a passenger on this corporate ship traveling through the ocean,' according to the judge. But he ruled that Mr. Markin was more like 'the captain of the ship. Certainly he benefited by sailing through some good weather. However, he picked the course and he picked the crew. In short, he was directly responsible for everything that happened.'"  The story also noted that "Ms. Markin was awarded more than $30 million, along with other assets."  

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