Related Practices


In many cases, one spouse may have foregone certain opportunities to raise a family or to support the other spouse's career.  In such instances, there may be large differences in income available to the parties after divorce, even after equitable distribution of the marital assets. The attorneys at Fisher Potter Hodas PL have extensive experience litigating the appropriate level of alimony when divorcing spouses have a material inequality in income.  

In cases where the marital lifestyle has created significant fixed and variable expenses, the "temporary support" hearing is of utmost importance because, commonly, prior to equitable distribution, one spouse controls most or all of the parties' marital assets.  Our firm has developed unique strategies and approaches to these critical "temporary" hearings, which, in certain instances, have resulted in some of the largest temporary alimony and temporary attorney's fees awards.  

The firm has published articles on tax and executive compensation issues that impact alimony, which scholarship allows the attorneys at Fisher Potter Hodas PL to focus on maximizing tax benefits and minimizing tax consequences to alimony awards, depending upon the type of alimony being considered.