Choosing a lawyer for a high net worth divorce is similar to choosing a doctor for heart surgery.  A general practitioner is not the right choice for such a high-stakes event.  

Many attorneys advertise that they handle high net worth divorces, but it is frequently a small component of their practices.  As such, they do not have the day in and day out experience with the unique problems that arise in divorces involving corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other high net worth families.  Fisher Potter Hodas PL in contrast, is highly selective in the clientele that it represents, which means that the firm handles and resolves the unique issues that arise in high net worth divorces every day.  These issues include, as a few examples, crisis and reputation management in the media, the valuation and distribution of executive compensation, the valuation and distribution of closely-held businesses, the identification and distribution of assets in tax-advantaged ways, applications for and defenses against asset injunctions, and the identification and repatriation of international assets.  

The lawyers at Fisher Potter Hodas PL know what to do when these issues arise because the firm's lawyers are not general practitioners.  Rather, the firm's lawyers are dedicated to serving a few, selected clients who face a unique set of problems when they go through the divorce process.  The type of client the firm represents is known through media accounts of a few of the cases that the firm has handled, but the vast majority of clients that come through the firm's doors have similar issues.