International Disputes

Our cases frequently involve international issues, such as overseas accounts, foreign business interests, real property located outside of the United States, and multi-national child custody issues.  Experience is critical to the proper management of the international aspects of family law cases.

All of the lawyers at Fisher Potter Hodas PL have routinely handled cases that present complex international issues.  For example, the attorneys at the firm have litigated numerous cases involving multi-million dollar overseas asset protection trusts, cases where discovery had to be obtained from third parties outside of the United States, and cases where international restraining orders were critical to the fair and equitable resolution of the case.  We have also litigated many disputes where the prenuptial agreements or other key contracts were governed by foreign law, and cases where children have divided their time between multiple countries with one or both parents.  In short, our firm has a depth of experience in the nuances of international litigation.

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